TOP-15 gold medaled wines from Moldova

by Anghelina-Taran

It is known that, in 2019, Moldovan wines participated in 43 international tasting competitions in different countries of the world, where they won 842 medals – 345 gold, 263 silver and 132 bronze. Some of our wines have stood out, receiving several awards. It is probably interesting to know which wines became the champions of Moldova in the number of medals? These wines (and the work of the winemakers behind them) form a positive image of Moldovan winemaking and our country as a whole and also create fame for them in the world.

For the second consecutive year, the National Bureau of Vine and Wine dedicates a special catalogue to gold medaled wines, which is ready for publication in three versions – in Romanian, Russian and English. It will be possible to get acquainted with all Moldovan wines that won gold in 2019. Meanwhile, those of them who have four or more medals in their assets have formed TOP-15. Some wines have an equal number of regalia of the highest standard, but there is also an absolute champion.


Illustro Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot, 2015 (Fautor) – 10 medals

Negre, 2017 IGP «Valul lui Traian» (Fautor) – 9 medals

Ice Wine Traminer – Muscat Ottonel, 2016 (Fautor) – 9 medals

Negru de Purcari, 2015 IGP «Ștefan Vodă» (Vinăria Purcari) – 6 medals

Freedom Blend, 2017 (Vinăria Purcari) – 5 medals

Aurore Rară Neagră, 2017 IGP «Valul lui Traian» (Fautor) – 5 medals

Aurore Feteasca Neagră – Tempranillo, 2016 (Fautor) – 5 medals

Kazayak Viorica, 2018 IGP «Ștefan Vodă» (Suvorov Vin) – 5 medals

Carpe Diem Bad Boys, 2017 (Casa vinicolă Luca) – 4 medals

Taraboste Pinot Noir, 2016 (Château Vartely) – 4 medals

Winemaker’s Way Feteasca Albă, 2017 (Sălcuța) – 4 medals

DOR Reserve Chardonnay, 2016 (Vinăria Bostavan) – 4 medals

Aurore Feteasca Regală, 2017 IGP «Valul lui Traian» (Fautor) – 4 medals

Late Harvest Traminer, 2016 IGP «Valul lui Traian» (Fautor) – 4 medals

Late Harvest Rhein Riesling, 2016 IGP «Valul lui Traian» (Fautor) – 4 medals

It is amazing that out of the TOP-15 gold-medaled wines from Moldova, half of the list (eight wines) belongs to a single producer! The Fautor company, which, incidentally, is champion in the number of awards third year consecutively. The evaluation of the companies can be found here and here.

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