The Fautor spring range – Cuvée Vivienne and Blanca

by Anghelina-Taran

These wines already by their appearance create a spring mood. They have a kind of “come here”: you want to touch them, to find out what kind of wine is bottled. Two dry wines – rosé Vivienne and white Blanca have become an excellent example of how a product can be thought out down to the smallest detail and brought to perfection. Fine wine, like a beautiful young woman, dressed in an elegant dress. The wines from the “Spring Range” even have women’s names – Vivienne and Blanca. Let’s meet these beautiful girls.

Marketing director Ruxanda Lipcan set out to create a spring range of interesting blends of just white wine and rosé, which would hit the market every year in March. Fresh, light wines that will be easy to drink, with a low level of alcohol, for the spring-summer season. But at the same time, special wines that are nowhere to be found on the market.

I would like to point out that to a good winemaker, wine is born in the head and not when the grapes are processed. Therefore, especially for these wines, the grapes were harvested earlier to ensure an alcohol level of 12.5%.

Blanca Cuvée, 2019

Unfortunately, the producer did not indicate the composition of this wine on the label, thus providing a riddle to consumers. The clue is in her name – the female name, of Spanish origin, Blanca. In other words, the main variety (90%) is Spanish Albariño, which only Fautor winery cultivates in the Republic of Moldova. The remaining 10% were shared by Feteasca Regală and Pinot Grigio.

For several years we have been experimenting with Albariño and we have come to the conclusion that of all the white varieties, he is the most suitable for our idea,” Ruxanda Lipcan tells us. – In recent years, the popularity of this variety has increased in the world, due to its ability to maintain a high acidity in warm climates, which has become particularly important in connection with global warming. We believe it is a pity not to take advantage of this and not to create wine based on Albariño for the spring-summer season. And to enrich it, we decided to add some floral notes from Feteasca Regală and expressiveness from Pinot Grigio, which in 2019 proved to be exceptional. In production we also applied the exposure to the fine yeast sediment. “

The wine has a light straw color with a sparkle. A very fresh delicate aroma, which includes jasmine, green herbs, tangerine pulp, sea water salinity (but without iodine), green apricot. A little later, some flavors leave and new ones appear – white peach and beeswax.

Blanca Cuvée 2019 has a very expressive acidity, invigorating, silky texture. In taste – minerality, slight salinity, as well as shades of lollipops, still unripe apricots, citrus fruits and almonds. Long finish with a hint of lemon. The next day (from the open bottle on the eve), it passed into lime, and in the taste, instead of apricot, peach appeared. Winemakers have managed to get both lightness and ease of consumption (you can drink a lot), which are combined with a beautiful aroma and a taste no less rich, which is not so common, especially in wines that have not gone through aging in barrels.

Vivienne Cuvée rosé, 2019

The French female name Vivienne is designed to convey the sophistication and elegance of this rosé in the style of Provence. The blend included Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Feteasca Neagră (in descending order of parts). The first two varieties represent 45%, the other three – 55%.

We know these grape varieties better in red wines and even less so, as shown in rosé wines,” explains Ruxanda. – Each individual variety is good in its own way and together they can offer something more interesting, but the proportions are important. Tempranillo is grown only on Fautor plantations and there are few Syrah plantations in Moldova. When there are small areas, it is a shame to use them for rosé. We also don’t have much Syrah, so we collected a small amount of grapes for rosé, so that it stays for red wine. But when producing small volumes of wine, it is important to have a sufficient technology park of small capacity containers. For this reason, not every producer can afford to process all varieties separately. We have vessels from very small to large, we can “play” with such wines and we have great freedom in making blends and its proportions”.

The delicate pink color of the Vivienne cuvée was obtained after a few hours of maceration at a low temperature. The duration was different, depending on the variety. Subsequent production procedures took place according to the white method.

This wine has a festive color that induces you in a romantic mood. The first nose – citrus and berries. The aroma is revealed immediately; you do not have to wait. Contains red oranges, red currant, gooseberry, rose flowers, incompletely ripe berries, cranberries, cornel, pink cherries. However, five varieties of grapes contributed to the birth of this wine.

Very good acidity, silky texture. In taste – light minerality and fruit lollipops, but the wine is dry. A beautiful and long finish with citrus notes. The empty glass is flavored with sweet berries.

But that’s not all. I poured the second glass a few hours later. The aroma of Vivienne cuvée 2019 has changed. Some flavors disappeared and dried tomatoes, lollipops, fried croutons, persimmons and mint. From a rosé, it is a very generous gift. All the grape varieties in the mix played harmoniously, like an orchestra.

Take advantage of the moment!

Fautor offered consumers the opportunity to enjoy these wines here and now. From next year’s grapes, Vivienne and Blanca will be different. From the 2019 harvest, a number of 8 thousand bottles of each wine from the spring range were produced.

This time, five red varieties have been included in the Vivienne rosé, but it is not necessarily that the same composition or in the same proportions will be next year,” says Ruxanda Lipcan. – It all depends on what we like, to achieve our goal – to produce beautiful wines, fresh, easy to drink. And as for Blanca, we also offer freedom of action. The composition of the varieties may vary, but Albariño will remain the main one. Our vineyards have enough varieties to choose from. “

Both for yourselves and for gift

Honestly, the producer’s careful approach to everything related to his wine is highly respected. These elegant bottles are made in Italy, but it was not easy to bring them to Moldova, because this glass factory has no distributor in Moldova, only in Romania. However, Fautor did not abandon his plan, because this form of glass corresponds to the nature of the wines and their names, giving them elegance and refinement. Therefore, the counter-label is light, transparent.

For rosé wines, it is very difficult to choose a shade of pink for the label. Often the wine shades and labels are discordant with each other, which does not benefit the appearance of the product. Here is a completely different story. This powdery shade of the label could not be selected in advance, as the winemakers waited for the blend to be ready to see the color of the wine. Only after that was it possible to decide on the label. Then they selected the capsule, which was also not easy, because when you color the aluminum it is more difficult to get closer to the desired shade. I’m talking about these details, so you know that its creators have invested a lot of soul and desire to give people joy through this product.

Its elegant appearance suggests the theme of the gift. Two wines, Vivienne and Blanca, will be a perfect match for a woman or a family. They can be purchased in “gift” format (in a box tied with a ribbon) only from the manufacturer, ordering by phone +373 (60) 443444 (there is also delivery).

In the coming days, these wines will be exported to Lithuania. And soon they will go to Romania, where they are already wanted.

How much does it cost?

In retail, each wine costs about 130-140 lei (Fautor products are quite widely represented in chain stores and wineries).

The price of a gift set with two wines, as in the photo above, is 315 lei (only from the producer). Each wine separately, when ordering online – 115 lei.

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